Deer Lake Conservancy Watersheds

Our major projects are organized by watershed. The watersheds are the areas of land that drain to the lake. This map shows the major drainage areas or watersheds of Deer Lake. The Deer Lake Conservancy was established in 1995, and projects continue to this day. See individual watershed/project descriptions for more detail about each project. They add up to an exciting story of reduced runoff of phosphorus to Deer Lake, less algae growth in the lake, and improved water quality!

Major Projects

What we have tried to do is identify a key parcel in each of the largest watersheds draining into the lake that will allow us to control phosphorous and other pollutants which would otherwise flow unchecked into the lake. What we have is unique among lakes in Wisconsin. Our efforts have secured the ability to protect this lake for future generations.

Home Projects

Home Projects are described as homeowner initiated efforts to maintain water clarity through runoff management and shoreline buffering.

Trails Page


Deer Lake features many trails with parking in several locations. These trails are divided into north and south. 


Organization is Incorporated 1995
W2 Basin Construction 1997
W2 Prairie Planting 1998
Dry Creek (W3) Property Acquired 1998
W3 Sediment Basins 1998
W3 Tire Dump Removal 1998
W3 Wetland Restorations 1998
Rock Creek (W4) Prairie Acquired 1999
W4 Gravel Pit Restoration 1999
W3 Prairie Planting 1999
Blakeman Hill(W1) Easements 1999
W1 Wetland Restoration 1999
Trail system Developed (W3 and W4) 2000
Flagstad Farm Acquired 2002
Flagstad Farm Prairie
Flagsted Farm Well Closure
Flagstard Farm Prairie Maintenance (NRCS)
Flagstad Farm Gravel Pits Restored
Maple Cove Prairie Donated 2003
Foussard Kane Forest Donated 2006
Direct Drainage Project Begins 2006
WDOT Releases Highway 8 EIS 2007
Prokop Stormwater Ponds and Easement 2008
McKenzie Forest Acquired (addition to Rock Creek) 2009 & 2011
Schletty Stormwater Ponds and Rock Waterway 2009
St. Croix River Association Stewardship Award 2011
Direct Drainage Projects Installed 2008-2020
W1 Pond Updated (outlet and ditch checks) 2015
NALMS Lake Management Success Award 2015
Lower Rock Creek Aquisition and Trails 2016
Sedimentation Basin Installed 2017
Johnson Preserve Acquisition and Trails 2017
W1 North Pond Acquisition 2020