The Conservancy

The Deer Lake Conservancy is a tax exempt organization incorporated in the Sate of Wisconsin. The purpose of the organization is the preservation of Deer Lake and the surrounding land that contributes to the natural, scenic, recreational and productive value of the lake.

As a 501c(3) corporation, contributions are fully deductible from Federal and State income tax. The Conservancy is actively seeking contributions which may in the form of cash securities, property and land easements.

Partner Organizations

These conservation projects and the trail system were completed with financial and technical assistance from many organizations including:

Amery High School
Deer Lake Improvement Association
Ducks Unlimited
Farm Service Agency
Harmony Environmental
National Park Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Pheasants Forever
Polk County Land and Water Resources Department
Polk County Parks and Recreation Department
University of Wisconsin – Extension
US Geological Survey
Wisconsin Conservation Corps
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources