Native Plantings

Native plants in the water, on the shore, and into the watersheds are the building blocks of the beautiful natural scenery and clean water that defines Deer Lake. In the water, plants stabilize lake sediments, break the force of waves, take up nutrients, and provide food for invertebrates, fish, and waterfowl. On land, native plants stabilize shorelines, slow the flow of runoff, and absorb water along root channels. Tall trees act as umbrellas intercepting runoff water and drawing up moisture from roots to leaves. In the watersheds, the deep roots of native prairie plants stabilize previously eroding crop fields.

Native plants on your waterfront lot can provide these same functions for you and the lake. Lists of beautiful and functional native plants will aid in your selection and free on-site consultations are also available to Deer Lake property owners.

Deer Lake Conservancy cost share programs supported by Wisconsin DNR grants encourage the restoration of native plants near the lake. Two options are available for native plantings. 1) full shoreland buffers which extend native vegetation from the ordinary high water mark back thirty-five feet (with the exception of a viewing and access corridor up to 30 feet wide), and 2) 350 ft2 native plantings that meet standards for the Wisconsin DNR Healthy Lakes grants.