Lower Rock Creek

The Conservancy owns this 32-acre property including the woods to the south

Rock Creek, the largest intermittent stream which flows to Deer Lake, travels through this property entering the lake at a natural lagoon – an important wetland habitat area. This is a WDNR designated Sensitive Habitat Area with 500 feet of shoreline. A WDNR grant paid for 50 percent of the acquisition costs.

The Lower Rock Creek property trails link to adjacent trails on the Rock Creek property and the Johnson Preserve. Lower Rock Creek trails provide striking views of the ravine and steeply sloping forest.

The Lower Rock Creek property provides the opportunity for Deer Lake Conservancy to achieve its goal of 65% reduction of watershed total phosphorous loading since 1996. According to the project engineer, a sediment basin that captures agricultural runoff on the Lower Rock Creek Property can meet the goal: leading to an even cleaner Deer Lake!

“It is inconceivable to me that an ethical relation to land can exist without love, respect and admiration for land.”

~ Aldo Leopold