Major Projects


Our major projects are organized by watershed. The watersheds are the areas of land that drain to the lake. This map shows the major drainage areas or watersheds of Deer Lake. The Deer Lake Conservancy was established in 1995, and projects continue to this day. See individual watershed/project descriptions for more detail about each project. They add up to an exciting story of reduced runoff of phosphorus to Deer Lake, less algae growth in the lake, and improved water quality!

W1: Blakeman / Hill

W2: Hugo "Suki" Victor

W3: Dry Creek

W4: Rock Creek

W5: Lower Rock Creek

W6: Flagstad Farm

DD: Maple Cove

DD: Foussard Kane Forest

DD: Johnson Preserve

Nurturing Deer Lake

For a good number of years the Deer Lake Conservancy, in conjunction with the Deer Lake Improvement Association, has worked toward the preservation of Deer Lake and the surrounding land that contributes to the natural, scenic, recreational and productive value of the lake. Many individual projects have been undertaken in an effort to help achieve this goal.

What we have tried to do is identify a key parcel in each of the largest watersheds draining into the lake that will allow us to control phosphorous and other pollutants which would otherwise flow unchecked into the lake. What we have is unique among lakes in Wisconsin. Our efforts have secured the ability to protect this lake for future generations.