Hugo “Suki” Victor

 Pond and Prairie Restoration

This project, completed in 1997, is named for Suki Victor, a driving force in establishing the Deer Lake Conservancy.  Donations of $1,000 from each of 40 founding members financed the construction of the pond and surrounding prairie.  The contributions also provided cash to match financial assistance available from Polk County and the Department of Natural Resources for subsequent projects.

A 630 foot berm creates a five-acre pond during periods of peak runoff.  With the steepest gradient of all of Deer Lake’s watersheds, this project reduces the flow rate by 60 percent. Like other Conservancy projects, this pool is important to the lake because it captures storm water runoff laden with sediment.  Sediment carries phosphorus, the nutrient that leads to algae blooms in Deer Lake and many other Wisconsin lakes.

The Deer Lake Conservancy purchased this property in 2023. It was formerly privately owned.

“The wealth of the tall grass prairie was its undoing.”

~John Madson